Exotic-Gems Cattery

CFA & ACFA Registered Cattery Specializing in Tabby & Bicolor Exotic Shorthair and Persian Cats

PKD/DNA Negative Cattery

Cattery is now closed. I keep this website as a memory for myself. Thank you to all of you who gave great homes to my cats and kittens.

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Welcome to Exotic-Gems Cattery,


My love for cats started when I was a young girl and found a cardboard box of kittens next to a busy highway.  Like any young animal lover I took the kittens home and begged my parents if I could keep them.  My parents being allergic to cats told me I could only keep them for the night then I would have to find homes for them the next day.  After the best night of my life, I went door to door in my neighborhood and found homes for all the little adorable kittens.

From that moment on I knew cats were the pet for me.  All while growing up I knew I could never own a cat with parents allergic so I had to patiently wait until I was on my own.  In the meantime I dragged everything from mice to snakes home, secretly fed strays and enjoyed other peoples cats and once I left home a cat was the first thing I set out to get. 

One day while reading the classified ads I spotted an ad about someone selling their 11 month old male shaded silver persian because he was too much work. I went to go see him and it was love at first sight. I was instantly hooked and took him home with me that same day.  His loving laid back personality and beauty gave me so much joy and he was the start of my love for the persian breed.

My next cat was... yes, you guessed it, another male shaded silver persian and just like the one before him he graced my home with personality and beauty.  I dreamed that one day I would become a breeder of these exquisite cats.....

With the support of my family, Exotic-Gems Cattery became a reality. Although persians were my first love I decided to concentrate on the fun loving and easy to care for exotic.  They are known as 'the lazy man's persian' and have all the same looks as the persian but in a easy to care for coat.  They are a joy to have!

I would like to give special thanks to my Mom and Dad for saying "yes you can keep them for the night" to the orphaned box of kittens. For the person who dumped the kittens off...shame on you!